Past Shows

May 8, 2005
Erwin Schulhoff: A Portrait

Forgotten for years after his death in a concentration camp in 1942, Erwin Schulhoff was one of the great composers of his day. Prolific classical composer and brilliant jazz pianist. Schulhoff wrote in many styles. This program features his Hot Sonata and Jazz Etudes as well as his String Sextet and Concertino for flute, viola and double bass.

Program & Repertoire

Hot Sonate for Alto Sax and Piano

i. quarter note = 66

ii. half note = 112

iii. quarter note = 80

iv. half note = 132

Concertino for Double Bass, Viola & Flute

i. Andante

ii. Furiante - allegro furioso

iii. Andante

iv. Rondino - Allegro gaio

Five Jazz Etudes for Piano

i. Charleston

ii. Blues

iii. Chanson

iv. Tango

v. Toccata sur le Shimmy (Kitten on the keys)


String Sextet

i. Allegro risoluto

ii. Tranquilo (andante)

iii. Burleska. Allegro molto con spirito

iv. Molto adagio


Marie Bedard, violin

Andrew Burashko, piano

Steven Dann, viola

Phil Dwyer, saxophone

David Hetherington, cello

Susan Hoeppner, flute

Max Mandel, viola

Jethro Marks, viola

Joel Quarrington, double bass

Stephen Sitarski, violin

Thomas Wiebe, cello