Past Shows

Apr 5-6, 2013
Franz Schubert: Source & Inspiration

Canadian rock legend Carole Pope (Rough Trade) joins singers Gregory Hoskins, Andy Maize (Skydiggers), John Southworth and Juno nominee Danny Michel in the original installment of Art of Time's Source and Inspiration series. The evening traces the influence Franz Schubert, from a work for which he is legend, through to the songs of today inspired by him. Piano Trio No. 2, performed by Andrew Burashko, Rachel Mercer and Benjamin Bowman, will accompany pop songs provoked by Schubert's Trio, written and performed by singers including Canada's self-described 'anti-diva', Carole Pope.

Program & Repertoire

Franz Schubert 
Piano Trio No. 2 in E Flat Major 
i. Allegro
ii. Andante con Moto
iii. Scherzando
iv. Allegro Moderato 


Andrew Burashko, arr. Kevin Fox 
Shadow of a Doubt 
Andy Maize, arr. Michael Johnston 
City of Sirens 
Andy Maize, arr. Kevin Fox
It's Alright by Me 
John Southworth, arr. Andrew Downing
Good Mourning 
Danny Michel, arr. Robert Carli 
Rye Whiskey & Wine 
Martin Tielliarr. Jonathan Goldsmith 
Aluminum Files 
House With the Laughing Windows
Carol Pope, arr. Andrew Burashko 
Carol Pope, arr. Kevin Fox
Can We 


Benjamin Bowman, violin

Andrew Burashko, piano

Gregory Hoskins, singer

Andy Maize, singer

Rachel Mercer, cello

Danny Michel, singer

Carole Pope, singer

John Southworth, singer