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Feb 22-23, 2013
Gabriel Prokofiev

London DJ Gabriel Prokofiev comes to the Art of Time Ensemble to continue his grandfather Sergei's legacy of reinventing modern music, including the electronica for which he has garnered his own recognition, and his highly regarded composition, String Quartet No. 2. The concert will also feature works by BAFTA award winning Canadian film composer Jonathan Goldsmith and England's legendary modern classical composer Gavin Bryars. Between the instrumental performances, Gabriel will perform DJ sets.

Program & Repertoire

Jonathan Goldsmith

Camera Obscura

i. quarter note = 78

ii. quarter note = 114

iii. quarter note = 90

iv. quarter note = 70

Gabriel Prokofiev

Outta Pulsor from the Cello Multitracks

Gabriel Prokofiev

'Silente': Dance for String Trio, Piano, Bass Clarinet and Scratch DJ


Gabriel Prokofiev

String Quartet No. 1

i. quarter note = 71

ii. quarter note = 140

iii. quarter note = 71

iv. quarter note = 123

Gavin Bryars, text by Juan Munoz

Man in a Room, Gambling

Movements viii - ix


Gabriel Prokofiev, laptop & turntables

Benjamin Bowman, violin

Andrew Burashko, piano

Robert Carli, bass clarinet

Steven Dann, viola

Joseph Phillips, double bass

Rob Piltch, guitar

Stephen Sitarski, violin

Thomas Wiebe, cello

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