Past Shows

Dec 9-10, 2010
Shakespeare: If Music Be...

An evening of music, dance and ideas inspired by Shakespeare. Music by Erich Korngold, Sergei Prokofiev, John Cage, and Rufus Wainwright. Choreography by Peggy Baker and James Kudelka. Scenes from HamletMuch Ado About Nothing, and Romeo & Juliet.

Program & Repertoire

Rufus Wainwright, arr. by Kevin Fox

Sonnet #10

Quotes from Boris Pasternak, Voltaire, Henry Miller, Charles Darwin,
Lord Byron & Vladimir Nabokov.

Erich Korngold

Desdemona's Song

Rufus Wainwright, arr. by Kevin Fox

Sonnet #20

William Shakespeare

Romeo and Juliet, Act III, Scene V

Sergei Prokofiev

March of the Montagues and Capulets

Romeo and Juliet Before Parting
Choreography by James Kudelka


William Shakespeare
Four Scenes from Much Ado About Nothing
Erich Korngold
Four Pieces from Much Ado About Nothing 
i. Act I, Scene I
ii. The Maiden in the Bridal Chamber
iii. Act IV, Scene I
iv. Dogberry and Verges March
v. Act V, Scene II
vi. Garden Scene
vii. Act V, Scene, IV
iix. Masquerade

William Shakespeare
Ophelia's Mad Scene (Hamlet, Act IV, Scene V)

John Cage/Peggy Baker
Ophelia/Why the Brook Wept

Performers & Artists

Peggy Baker, dancer

Marc Bendavid, actor

Andrew Burashko, piano

Tim Campbell, actor

Glen Davidson, lighting designer

David Ferry, director

Kevin Fox, singer & cello

Tanya Howard, dancer

Patrick Lavoie, dancer

Lucy Peacock, dancer

Cara Ricketts, actor

Erika Raum, violin