Past Shows

Jan 28-29, 2005
Shakespeare: If Music Be...

An evening of music and dance inspired by Shakespeare. Music by Korngold, Strauss, Cage and Prokofiev. Choreography by Peggy Baker & James Kudelka, and scenes from the plays that Inspired the music and dance.

Program & Repertoire

Songs from Shakespeare

Erich Korngold

i. Come Away Death from Twelfth Night

ii. Under the Greenwood Tree from As You Like It

iii. Blow Wind Blow from  As You Like It

iv. O Mistress Mine from Twelfth Night

v. Hey Robin from Twelfth Night

vi. Desdemona's Song from Othello

vii. Adieu, Good Man Devil from Twelfth Night

viii. For the Rain, it Raineth Every Day from Twelfth Night

Never Doubt

Ted Dykstra

Four Pieces and Four Scenes from Much Ado About Nothing

Erich Korngold & William Shakespeare

i. Act I, Scene I

ii. The Maiden in the Bridal Chamber

iii. Act IV, Scene I

iv. Dogberry and the Verges March

v. Act V, Scene II

vi. Garden Scene

vii. Act V Scene IV

viii. Masquerade


Ophelia's Mad Scene (Act IV, Scene V)

William Shakespeare

Ophelia Lieder, Op. 67

Richard Strauss

i. Wie erkenn ich mein treulieb?
ii. Gutten Morgen, ist Sankt Valentinstag
iii. Sie trugen ihn auf der Bahre blob

Ophelia (Why the Brook Wept)

John Cage, choreography by Peggy Baker

Romeo & Juliet (Act III, Scene V)

William Shakespeare

March of the Montagues and Capulets

Romeo & Juliet Before Parting

Sergei Prokofiev, choreography by James Kudelka

Performers & Artists

Peggy Baker, dancer & choreographer

Andrew Burashko, piano

Ted Dykstra, singer & actor

Patricia Fagan, actor

Tanya Howard, dancer

James Kudelka, choreographer

Patrick Lavoie, dancer

Lucy Peacock, actor

Erika Raum, violin

Pablo Silviera, actor

Monica Whicher, soprano