Past Shows

May 25-26, 2010
Songbook 4: Gregory Hoskins

An eclectic evening of songs and tangos. One of Canada's most beautiful voices, Gregory Hoskins, sings twelve of his favourite songs including original material and renditions of Paul Simon, Cole Porter, Mary Margaret O'Hara, Radiohead and others - reimagined for the Art of Time Ensemble by composers from the classical, jazz and pop music realms.

Program & Repertoire

Calling All Angels

Jane Siberry, arr. by Michael Occhipinti

Boy in the Bubble

Paul Simon, arr. by Jonathan Goldsmith

Wayfaring Stranger

Anonymous, arr. by Gavin Bryars

Boogie Street

Leonard Cohen, arr. by Bryden Baird

Way Down in the Hole

Tom Waits, arr. by Dan Parr

Miss Otis Regrets

Cole Porter, arr. by Phil Dwyer

No Surprises

Radiohead, arr. by Robert Carli

Old Photographs (Instrumental)

Christos Hatzis


Tango a la Burashko (Instrumental)

Phil Dwyer


Nick Cave, arr. by Cameron Wilson

Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald

Gordon Lightfoot, arr. by Aaron Davis

Body in Trouble

Mary Margaret O'Hara, arr. by Jonathan Goldsmith

Lilac Wine

James Shelton, arr. by Robert Carli

Beautiful Parade

Gregory Hoskins, arr. by Hilario Durian


Justin Abedin, guitar 
Benjamin Bowman, violin 
Andrew Burashko, piano 
Phil Dwyer, saxophone
Gregory Hoskins, singer 
Amy Laing, cello 
Joseph Phillips, bass