Past Shows

Dec 14-15, 2007
Source & Inspiration II

Schumann's Piano Quintet Op. 44 and 10 original songs inspired by the Schumann Quintet written and performed by Canadian singer/songwriters Martin Tielli, Justin Rutledge, John Southworth, Kyrie Kristmanson, Andy Maize and David Wall. The Schumann Quintet will be performed by Steven Sitarski & Erika Raum (violins), Steven Dann (viola), David Hetherington (cello) & Andrew Burashko (piano).

Program & Repertoire

Robert Schumann

Piano Quintet in E Flat Major, Op. 44

i. Allegro Brillante

ii. In moda d'una marca, un poco

iii. Scherzo, molto vivace

iv. Allegro ma non troppo


Andy Maize

Hello Beautiful Life

Laura Love

John Southworth

Queen Lear

La Frileuse

Kyrie Kristmanson



David Wall

What's This On My Plate

Triangle for a Drowning Man

Justin Rutledge

The Day The Beast Was Born

The Snowman

Martin Tielli

Uncle Bumbos' Christmas



Andrew Burashko, piano

Steven Dann, viola

Andrew Downing, double bass

Ryan Driver, synth & flute

Jonathan Goldsmith, piano

Justin Haynes, guitar & melodica

David Hetherington, cello

Michael Johnston, piano

Kyrie Kristmanson, singer

Tom Lillington, singer

Sasha Luminsky, accordion

Hugh Marsh, violin

Jennifer Moore, singer

Martin Pearson, bass

Rob Piltch, guitar

Erika Raum, violin

Justin Rutledge, singer

Stephen Sitarski, violin

John Southworth, piano

Martin Tielli, singer

David Wall, singer