“Art of Time's production manages to tell the story not just of an alien invasion, but also of a bid for notoriety that was both an artistic and professional gamble, and, in doing so, the ensemble adds a second cast of heroes to the original play without changing a word... riveting storytelling... If you et the chance to see this play, do. This is exactly what the reinterpretation of a classic piece of theatre should look like.”
– Jen Handley, mondomagazine.net

“Andrew Burashko is a cultural treasure in this city. Besides being an accomplished musician, he is the gifted driving force behind the Art of Time Ensemble. (War of the Worlds features) wonderful, dramatic, stirring music, and Burashko brings it to vibrant life. This is an evening rich in music, drama, suspending disbelief and art. Bravo to Andrew Burashko and the company.”
– Lynn Slotkin, slotkinletter.com

“I Send You This Cadmium Red is a film, a painting, an essay, a concert–and, yes, a play–all at once. Therefore none of the above. It's something else entirely. And it's extraordinary. It's a contemplation of colour via words, music, and projected animation. And I can't remember the last time I saw a play or a film in which the inevitable apartheid between form and content, style and substance, was so elegantly obliterated. It's what you always wanted from your liberal arts education, distilled into a sublime 40-minute elixir of revelation.”
– Brian D. Johnson, Macleans

“Pianist Andrew Burashko has been fusing the arts in beautifully crafted, themed programs under the banner of his Art of Time Ensemble since 1998. It's hard to overstate the stylishness of this program. The Art of Time Ensemble is a class act that attracts top talent.”
– Paula Citron, The Globe and Mail

“Art of Time's brilliance lies in presenting expertly performed classical music, but stripped of many of the conventions which can make more traditional performances feel like you're being kept at arm's length. By blowing out the fourth wall and talking to the audience directly, explaining why this particular movement was chosen or why that song has come in for critical controversy, the music becomes a more vividly personal thing–it gets deeper under your skin, and the performance stays with you longer.”
– Hamutal Dotan, torontoist.com

“Where words, notes, steps meet. Call it a bicycle-wheel model of artistic programming that's gaining momentum–as it should.”
– James Bradshaw, The Globe and Mail

“Burashko and the Art of Time Ensemble continue their pathfinding tradition of making art without borders, art that globalizes the mind, is tasteful and rich for the senses, and that nourishes the spirit.”
– Stanley Fefferman, showtimemagazine.ca

“I thoroughly enjoy the Art of Time evenings. I like the surprises, the contextual shifts, the unusual repertoire. I like that I’m expected to bring my brains along.”
– Ronald Weihs, Artword.net

“I never know what I’m going to hear at an Art of Time concert, but I always come away feeling invigorated, challenged, surprised and delighted. Exactly what I want in a night out.”
– Laurie Brown, CBC Radio

“Art of Time is simply one of the most interesting, innovative, original and eclectic Arts companies in North America. Andrew Burashko is a brilliant artist whose curiosity knows no bounds. A season ticket to Art of Time is the best buy in town.”
– David Ferry, Director/Actor

“I love that I am still thinking about it.”
–Carolyn Woods, Concertgoer

“The magic of The Art of Time Ensemble is that Andrew Burashko manages to shape new and fascinating collaborations between artists of various disciplines which produce exciting and innovative evenings that are always delightfully surprising.”
– Karen Kain

“It felt free and open-ended, a picture of what “high” art (Proust, Ondaatje, a violin sonata) might be like if it were relieved of the obligation to be Proper.”
–Hamutal Dotan, Torontoist.com

“The Art of Time seems like a game of artistic hopscotch, in which everyone is invited to jump over the notional barriers between music, dance and visual art, and between high art and low. It’s a game worth playing.”
–Robert Everett-Green, The Globe and Mail

“These are the only shows that will drag me out of hiding these years... and I enjoy hiding. Burashko’s Art of Time is just that good.The chance to explore territories I’d never have thought of and play with some of the most remarkable musicians anywhere.”
–Martin Tielli

“Andrew Burashko is a visionary who treats the entire spectrum of the arts as his keyboard. His Art of Time Ensemble is a unique and inspiring endeavour, one that turns the idea of an arts community into a thrilling act of multi-media combustion. His shows fuse the contemporary and the classical, the popular and the avant garde, without diluting the power or integrity of the elements. Like an alchemist mixing precious metals, Burashko combines film, theatre, dance, poetry and even painting into constructive delirium, a true synesthesia of performing arts.”
–Brian D. Johnson of Maclean’s Magazine

“Artistic Director, pianist Andrew Burashko, creates ravishing, brilliantly conceived music concerts performed by peerless artists from across a spectrum of disciplines. In possession of a fierce intellect, he is a master at sharing his passion for great music, the people who create it, and the times and circumstances that frame it, through his articulate opening remarks. Every Art of Time concert leaves me inspired, moved, and keenly aware of the creative act as a fundamental force in human history and experience.”
–Peggy Baker

“Andrew Burashko and the Art of Time Ensemble continue their pathfinding tradition of making art without borders, art that globalizes the mind, is tasteful and rich for the senses, and that nourishes the spirit.”
–Stanley Fefferman, The Live Music Report

“What I felt last night is very well expressed in something  T.S. Eliot said once that my Uncle, who is a dancer, quoted to me. “When things become more intense, prose moves into poetry, speaking moves into singing, walking moves into dancing.” I felt like I had a direct experience of this last night during the performances.”
–Sarah Hunter, Concertgoer, Supporter

“Chamber’s Engaging New Hope… Burashko has assembled a high-powered group of fellow instrumentalists with a taste for chamber music. The group varies depending on the needs of the music at hand, but includes some of the finest musicians in the country. Equally important, there is a programming philosophy that champions musical coherence and innovation. The appropriate shout has to be encore!”
–William Littler, Toronto Star, 1998

“Art of Time is a vibrant classy addition to Toronto’s new music scene.”
–Tamara Bernstein, National Post, 2000

“…a program full of surprises, fine performances and at least one transcendental moment of great beauty.”
–Robert Harris, Globe & Mail, 2001

“Seven of the best instrumental musicians around, pooling their skills under the odd but apt title of the Art of Time Ensemble – apt because what else is music but the art of time?”
–Ken Winters, Globe & Mail, 2002

“There's no greater shock than having something abstract made concrete in front of your eyes in a way you didn't expect. So seeing Variéte successfully match music of a master abstractionist with elements of old-fashioned vaudeville - in a cross-disciplinary effort between the musically experimental Art of Time Ensemble and the dramatically forward Volcano performance company - was particularly shocking and particularly enjoyable.”
–John Terauds , Toronto Star, 2004

“Shrewd and spectacular!”
–Robert Everett-Green, Globe & Mail, 2004

“Now, my memory of the evening is that of the whole, moving from the guitarists’ prelude in the balcony to the lone dancer’s physical expression of the music played by the piano trio against the video backdrop. Even the performance space, the Harbourfront Centre Theatre, was integral to the experience. It’s a small and warm space in which the audience does not feel distanced from the stage. Hats off to Artistic Director Andrew Burashko for the conception and orchestration of this program and to all of the performers who brought his vision to fruition. I feel that I was drawn closer to Shostakovich the man, his music and experiences through Andrew’s multi-media composition.”
–Joyce Corbett, The Live Music Report, 2006

“Who said “serious” music is difficult? Well, certainly not Andrew Burashko. He’s one of Canada’s most accomplished classical pianists. But over the past few years Burashko has also turned himself into one of Canada’s most innovative presenters of art-music. Burashko’s mission is to explode the myth that serious music -- call it what you will – only appeals to a refined audience. To Burashko’s way of thinking, it’s all to do with perception and packaging.

Mix things up, throw in a few surprises, have a bit of fun, and all of a sudden “serious” music becomes very listenable … even for people who can’t tell an arpeggio from a rallentando!

[Eleven] years ago Andrew Burashko launched an adaptable ensemble of classical musicians called Art of Time. Art of Time has mixed jazz and classical, worked circus acts into concerts, reached out to other performance disciplines. It’s broken the serious music mould and won rave reviews – even a Dora Award along the way.
Tonight, Art of Time does it again with a ravishing program of music and dance………..”
–Michael Crabb, CBC Radio 1

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