Toronto Star - December 2012

Art of Time Ensemble: A Toronto musical gem

Aside from what they do, what I most like about musicians is how obviously they enjoy doing it. The pleasure they take in their job is not something you see very much in other occupations.


Toronto Star - November 2014

Margaret Atwood stars in Art of Time season opener

Margaret Atwood is exchanging her seat in the audience for a spot centre stage in the opening concert of Art of Time's new season.

The author, a longtime fan of the classical music-pop culture theatrical group, will read her own poetry and that of Griffin International Poetry Prize winner August Kleinzahler Friday and Saturday at Harbourfront.


National Post - April 2012

Toronto's Art of Time Ensemble revisits Russia

Andrew Burashko is bringing back the act that launched his acclaimed ensemble Art of Time more than a decade ago. Piano, clarinet, a string section and film will be blended to tribute four Russian composers spanning the 19th century to the 1970s.


The Globe and Mail - April 2011

The War of the Worlds

It's said that seeing is believing. But hearing can make belief stronger - and even lead us to believe in things we can't see. The Art of Time Ensemble proves this with its latest theatrical concert, The War of the Worlds.


Torontoist - September 2010

Art of Time Continues Reinventing the Classical Experience

"There's always a twist on the 'classical thing'" jokes Art of Time Ensemble's artistic director Andrew Burashko. Not in an interview after the curtain has come down, mind you, but right in the middle of the show-that's just how Art of Time rolls.


The Globe and Mail - April 2013

The eclectic and ambitious Art of Time Ensemble

Concerts by the Art of Time Ensemble can be the most confounding and confusing in the city. This year alone, Art of Time has presented a dramatization of Orson Welles's 1938 War of the Worlds broadcast, performed by Sergei Prokoviev's grandson, Gabriel, in DJ sessions, and re-created - beautifully - the arrangements that Duke Ellington and Billy Strayhorn made of Tchaikovsky's Nutcracker Suite. All in a night's work for this supremely creative group.


Globe and Mail - January 2004

Composer conjures up a circus

...The piece has taken on shrewd and spectacular form at Toronto's Gladstone Hotel, where Andrew Burashko (Art of Time Ensemble), Ross Manson (Volcano) and Eda Holmes have conjured a small circus-cabaret out of sweat and thin air.


Exclaim - February 2010

A Singer Must Die

The Art Of Time Ensemble's experiments combining chamber and pop music have been winning them fans in Toronto for quite a few years, and their latest endeavour, A Singer Must Die, finds them recruiting former Barenaked Ladies front-man Steven Page to provide vocals to their arrangements of other people's songs.


NOW Magazine - September 2014

Life is a Cabaret

Atwood's new collection of stories is currently on bookshelves, but you can see her read from her poems and those of writers like Leonard Cohen and T.S. Eliot in Art of Time Ensemble's mashup of a program that includes singer Thom Allison, music by Franz Liszt and Andrew Lloyd Webber and more.


Toronto Star - November 2005

Art of the Songbook

Andrew Burashko is continuing his restless search to expose classical music to different audiences and to integrate other art forms within the classics.


The Globe and Mail - March 2009

Where words, notes, steps meet

Call it a bicycle-wheel model of artistic programming that's gaining momentum - as it should. The Art of Time Ensemble's artistic director, Andrew Burashko, has been kicking the tires for nearly a decade.


Toronto Star - February 2011

A Tight Waltz

Andrew Burashko likes to take new musical ideas out for a spin. In this case, it's a spin around the dance floor.


Toronto Star - March 2014

Margaret Atwood part of Art of Time's new season

One of Canada's most important authors will kick off Art of Time's 2014/15 season.

As part of a program called The Poem/The Song, presenting poetry in musical settings, Margaret Atwood will read her poetry onstage accompanied by a musical suite written especially for the piece.


The Globe and Mail - October 2011

I Send You This Cadmium Red delivers the full spectrum of colours

John Locke writes of a blind man who after much study announced that the colour red, which he had never seen, was like the sound of a trumpet. The philosopher's blind man might have found a place in the recitation with music that opened at the Berkeley Street Theatre on Tuesday, though Locke would not: He disapproved of any effort to characterize simple sensory ideas.


The Globe and Mail - May 2014

Jazz sax man Marsalis on 'toxic' collaborations

'Everything I do is a collaboration." Branford Marsalis, the American jazz saxophonist, dropped in to Toronto to perform a pair of recitals with the classically trained Canadian pianist Andrew Burashko, of Toronto's Art of Time Ensemble. The pair will collaborate on pieces from the classical repertoire, as well as works written by Marsalis. The Globe spoke to the star sax player during a break in rehearsals here.


Toronto Sun - September 2009

Abbey Road, 2 Lanes

For Craig Martin and Andrew Burashko, the last few days have been a bit hectic and stressful, but it all seems to have come together.

And on Saturday night, both Martin and Burashko will see their work pay off in their own respective ways -- when each brings The Beatles' Abbey Road album to life, celebrating to the day the 40th anniversary of the release.


Toronto Star - September 2009

She ain't heavy, she's our singer

Just as desperation proved inspirational for Abbey Road - the last album recorded by The Beatles - a tribute concert tonight and tomorrow promises to make the most of a third-choice performer.


Toronto Star - October 2013

A drink with Andrew Burashko, the artistic director for Art of Time Ensemble

Over drinks at the Belle Époque-inspired Geraldine, the artistic director for Art of Time Ensemble, Andrew Burashko, discusses blending the worlds of music, dance and live theatre in these budget-constrained times. In my pre-journalism days, I was an opera singer and expected to discuss the discipline required to make it in the classical world. Instead, we bonded over The Beatles.


Wholenote Magazine - February 2009

Andrew Burashko's Art of Time

Andrew Burashko is the Artistic Director of Toronto's Art of Time Ensemble. This year marks the organization's 10th anniversary season.


The Globe and Mail - December 2009

Seductive Brazilian tunes, from old chestnuts to improvisation

Just before the intermission on Friday, Emilie-Claire Barlow closed out her selection of bossa nova tunes with a chestnut called O Pato, or, in English, The Duck. Written by Jayme Silva and Neuza Teixeira, it was first recorded by Brazilian jazz great Joao Gilberto in 1960, and has been a bossa nova standard ever since.


National Post - October 2011

Theatre Review: I Send You This Cadmium Red, at Berkeley Street Theatre

The Art of Time Ensemble likes to merge all kinds of performing disciplines, sometimes throwing in some non-performing ones as well. Canadian Stage is giving its Berkeley Street platform to the ensemble's latest project I Send You This Cadmium Red, a double bill of which the first part is interesting and the second - which gives the evening its name - fascinating.


The Globe and Mail - January 2009

Sailor songs and cyborgs and Viennese puff pastry

Nicholas Goldschmidt, the great Canadian impresario who would have turned 100 last month, told me once about visiting his friend Erich Korngold at a Hollywood recording studio. Korngold was conducting one of his movie scores, which as usual was laced with Viennese-style waltzes. Glancing at the music, Goldschmidt said: "Erich, why do you write waltzes in 6/4?" - a measure double the usual length. Korngold replied: "The copyists are paid by the bar."


enRoute Magazine - November 2014

An Artistic Director's Address Book

As the artistic director and pianist for Art of Time Ensemble, Andrew Burashko has created a hit-list that's hard to beat, with an all-star cast reinterpreting the works of musical legends.


Toronto Star - January 2009

A charmingly quirky concert

Imagine getting together with a small group of friends to make a quilt without a plan or a pattern. Then, surprise! At the end of the evening, you find yourself with a beautiful keepsake that's also cozy and warm.

That's the effect of the Art of Time's quirky concert program at Harbourfront's Enwave Theatre.


Toronto Star - October 2008

Art of Time gives a show to remember

Going to an Art of Time Ensemble presentation is like playing one of those games of trust, where you let yourself fall backward in the hope that someone will be there to catch you before you hit the ground.

Or, as the host of CBC Radio Two's The Signal, Laurie Brown, said in her introduction to the group's first program in its 10th season last night at Harbourfront's Enwave Theatre, "I always come to the Art of Time because I never know what the hell is going to happen. And that's where I want to be."


Toronto Star - October 2011

Colour us Stimulated

Before you repaint the living room, you might want to drop by Berkeley Street Theatre where, in its always reliably thought-provoking way, Art of Time Ensemble has a thing or two to say about colour and red in particular, the colour of love, blood - and London buses.


Toronto Star - October 2012

War of the Worlds: Foley artist John Gzowski creates terror from a Slinky, balloon and metal ashtray

Have you ever stayed up at night wondering what a Martian sounds like unscrewing the top of his spaceship before he is about to attack Earth?
John Gzowski has.
For one thing, it sounds remarkably like a metal ball rubbing against a brass ashtray.

And how about that alien slithering from the spacecraft?

Try a squishy balloon rubbed between two fingers.

Gzowski is the sound designer of War of the Worlds by the Art of Time Ensemble, running Oct. 30 to Nov. 4 at the Enwave Theatre at Harbourfront Centre.


The Globe and Mail - June 2012

Sgt. Pepper gets a little help from his Toronto friends

Style is what Burashko and his people have in spades. The troupe and guest singers and sometimes actors do sophisticated things to pieces such as Orson Welles's The War of the Worlds or the Beatles' Abbey Road. When they look at a composer such as Franz Schubert, they do so with a very wide view, not only revisiting his works but presenting contemporary songs inspired by him.


Globe and Mail - April 2001

Revelation of a forgotten voice

...However, the musicians who died in the camps are finally getting the attention they deserve, and on Monday night, pianist Andrew Burashko's Art of Time Ensemble devoted an entire evening to the works of Schulhoff, a fascinating figure of the early 20th century...


Mooney on Theatre - December 2010

Review: Shakespeare: If Music Be (The Art of Time Ensemble)

Shakespeare: If Music Be, presented by The Art of Time Ensemble at the Enwave Theatre, is the perfect kind of entertainment for a cold winter night. It's chock full of a variety of satisfying pieces that have you leaving the theatre feeling warm and full.